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Frequently Asked Questions

The Recognition of Prior Learning approach acknowledges that candidates may have gained appropriate knowledge, understanding, and skills during their previous work experience (paid or unpaid), be it in Australia or further afield. It also takes into consideration any competencies the individual will have developed as a result of engaging in learning experiences in Australia or overseas. RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) take into consideration an individual’s existing skills and knowledge as acquired in a practical, non-formal or formal learning setting as a means of assessing whether that person can demonstrate the required competencies associated with the relevant Australian standards. This process is referred to as recognition of prior learning.

Gap Training is a way of filling in the relevant gaps in knowledge, skills, and experiences. For example; any units within the course that you don’t know how to do the assessor will gap-train you.

You need to have current and valid industry experience to qualify for RPL. It is important to complete an initial skills assessment to determine whether RPL is right for you. As a rule of thumb, depending on the type of work you have completed and the field you are in, if you have more than 2 years’ experience, sometimes 3 years and sometimes 4 years’ experience in your field, then you are likely to be eligible.

Each RPL process duration depends on the field that you are in. However, generally the RPL process can be done within days.

You can provide your own evidence OR we have training centres you can attend and do your evidences there. Only in some cases will the student need to provide their own evidences. Due to All Skills College renting out a training centre, most evidences, training, and classes are done at the centre. It is rare to have to bring in your own evidences.

Every trade and course are different, depending on your knowledge and experience and which course you do, the price will vary.

Enrolment requirements include;

  • 100 Points ID
  • Completed Enrolment Forms
  • Enrolment Fee Paid

Once you are enrolled, you will be booked in straight away to start your RPL.

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